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Advent Planet - 2012-12-06


Perl Advent

Perl: Perl Advent Calendar 2012 - Checking Out Your Data Structures

Catalyst Advent

Catalyst: Catalyst Advent Calendar - Day 6

Dancer Advent

Dancer: The Errors of Our Way - PerlDancer Advent Calendar


OX: OX Advent Calendar - Mounts

Perl 6 Advent

Perl 6: 06 - December - 2012 - Perl 6 Advent Calendar

Perl Advent Japan:

Hacker Track: Net::APNs::Extended - あなたに通知を送りたい - Perl Advent Calendar Japan 2012 Hacker Track

Casual Track: CPANなにこれモジュール集 - Perl Advent Calendar Japan 2012 Casual Track

Seoul.pm Perl Advent Calendar 2012

Seoul.pm: 여섯째 날: Using C from Perl - Seoul.pm 펄 크리스마스 달력 #2012


12 Gems of Christmas

12 Gems of Christmas: Mike Perham - Thoughts on open source software, the Internet, Ruby, Crystal and programming in general. the 12 gems in the list of posts

Qiita Ruby Advent Qiita Ruby Advent 2012: Ruby Advent Calendar 2012 - Qiita


Amazon Web Services

AWS Advent: aws advent: Archive

PHP / WEBadvent

The PHP advent changed its name to WEBadvent: appears to be unavailable on 2012-12-06 - . Please try again later.


SysAdvent: sysadvent


Java Advent:: 2012 - JVM Advent


Japanese F# Advent

Japanese F# Advent:: IoTLT仙台版! IoT縛りの勉強会 - connpass

24Ways Advent

24 Ways to impress your friends: Articles from advent 2012 ◆ 24 ways

Performance Calendar

Performance Planet: Performance Calendar » 2012

User Experience

UXMAS Advent: appears to be unavailable on 2012-12-06 - . Please try again later.


WEBKRAUTS: Adventskalender 2012 - Webkrauts

Mozilla Developer Network

MDN Holidays calendar: MDN holiday calendar - come back each day this season

Online Marketing Advent

High Position Tips: appears to be unavailable on 2012-12-06 - . Please try again later.

Interesting Things

Hubble Space Telescope Advent

Hubble Space Telescope Advent: 2014 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar - The Atlantic

Plus Magazine (Math)

Plus Magazine Advent: The 2012 Plus advent calendar - plus.maths.org

Science Advent

Galileo's Pendulum Science Advent: Advent 2012 - Galileo's Pendulum

Sims Lots

The Lot Bucket: The Lot Bucket: Advent Calendar 2012

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