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Advent Planet - 2014-12-25


Perl Advent Calendar

Perl Advent: Perl Advent Calendar 2014 - So here it is Merry Christmas

Catalyst Advent Calendar

Catalyst Advent: Catalyst Advent Calendar

Dancer Advent Calendar

Dancer Advent: PerlDancer Advent Calendar

Seoul.pm Advent Calendar

Seoul.pm Advent: is available from 12/01-12/24

Perl 6 Advent

Perl 6 Advent: is available from 12/01-12/24

Perlancar Advent

Perlancar Advent: perlancar's 2014 Advent Calendar - perlancar [blogs.perl.org]


MSTPAN in 24 Articles: does not publish on weekends. So you're either ahead of the publication schedule, or the Day 25 article has not been published yet. The last published article was MSTPAN in 24 Articles: mstpan 17 - Interactive shells. Please try again later.


Cake Advent

Cake Advent: Page: cakeadvent-2014


Gopher Academy

Go Advent: Advent 2014 - Gopher Academy Blog


Qiita: Ruby

Qiita Ruby Advent 2014: Ruby Advent Calendar 2014 - Qiita


Java Advent

Java Advent:: 2014 - JVM Advent


Japanese F# Advent

Japanese F# Advent:: F# Advent Calendar 2014 - connpass

English Language F# Advent

English Language F# Advent:: F# Advent Calendar in English 2014 – Sergey Tihon's Blog


Amazon Web Services

AWS Advent: aws advent: Archive


SysAdvent: sysadvent

24Ways Advent

24 Ways to impress your friends: Articles from advent 2014 ◆ 24 ways

Performance Calendar

Performance Planet: Web Performance Calendar » 2014

QEMU Advent Calendar

QEMU Advent Calendar: QEMU Advent Calendar 2014

User Experience

UXMAS Advent: appears to be unavailable on 2014-12-25 - . Please try again later.

Free Font Advent

praegnanz.de Free Font Advent: praegnanz.de/weblog


WEBKRAUTS: Adventskalender 2014 - Webkrauts

Interesting Things

Quite Interesting

The QI Advent Calendar: appears to be unavailable on 2014-12-25 - . Please try again later.

Hubble Space Telescope Advent

Hubble Space Telescope Advent: 2014 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar - The Atlantic

Plus Magazine (Math)

Plus Magazine Advent: The 2014 Plus advent calendar - plus.maths.org

The Economist

Daily chart advent calendar: Christmas countdown: The 2014 Daily chart Advent calendar - The Economist

The Griddle: Puzzle Advent

The Griddle: Advent2014 Puzzles - Page 1 - The Griddle

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