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Advent Planet - 2018-12-18

Raku (Perl 6)

Raku (Perl 6) Advent Calendar

Raku (Perl 6) Advent: 18 - December - 2018 - Raku Advent Calendar (2009-2019)

Raku (Perl 6) one-liners Advent Calendar

Raku (Perl 6) One-Liners Advent: December 18, 2018 - Andrew Shitov


Perl Advent Calendar

Perl Advent: Perl Advent Calendar 2018 - Test/Compare Your Excel

Mojolicious Advent Calendar

Mojolicious Advent: appears to be unavailable on 2018-12-18. Please try again later.

Perl Dancer Advent Calendar

Dancer Advent: Customizing and extending your Dancer2 application generation - PerlDancer Advent Calendar


PHP Security Advent Calendar

PHP Security Advent: Clean Code - Developer First - Sonar


Gopher Academy

Go Advent: Advent 2018 - Gopher Academy Blog


Qiita: Ruby

Qiita Ruby Advent 2018: Ruby Advent Calendar 2018 - Qiita

Qiita: Ruby on Rails

Qiita Ruby on Rails Advent 2018: Ruby on Rails Advent Calendar 2018 - Qiita


JVM Advent

JVM Advent:: December 18, 2018 - JVM Advent

Amazon Web Services

AWS Advent

AWS Advent:: December 18, 2018 - aws advent



SysAdvent: sysadvent

24Ways Advent

24 Ways to impress your friends: Articles from advent 2018 * 24 ways

Performance Calendar

Performance Planet: Web Performance Calendar -- 2018

Advent of Code

Advent of Code: Day 18 - Advent of Code 2018

QEMU Advent Calendar

QEMU Advent Calendar: QEMU Advent Calendar 2018

Hubble Space Telescope Advent

Hubble Space Telescope Advent: 2017 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar - The Atlantic

Plus Magazine (Math)

Plus Magazine Advent: The Plus advent calendar 2018 - plus.maths.org

Old English Advent

The Dictionary of Old English: Advent Calendar - The Dictionary of Old English

The Griddle: Puzzle Advent

The Griddle: Advent2018 Puzzles - Page 1 - The Griddle

Dan's Quiz: Puzzle Advent

Puzzlevent: PUZZLEVENT 2018 - danielpeake.com

Pico-8 Advent Calendar

Pico-8 Advenb Calendar: Advent Calendar 2018

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