2021 Advent Calendar Planet Feed


Advent Planet - 2021-12-17


Raku Advent Calendar

Raku Advent: December 17, 2021 - Raku Advent Calendar


Perl Weekly Challenge Advent Calendar

Perl Weekly Challenge: Advent Calendar - December 17, 2021


Qiita: Ruby

Qiita Ruby Advent 2021: Rubyのカレンダー - Advent Calendar 2021 - Qiita


JVM Advent

JVM Advent:: 2021 - JVM Advent



SysAdvent the Advent Calendar for System Administrators: sysadvent

24Ways Advent

24 Ways to impress your friends: Web design and development articles and tutorials for advent * 24 ways

Performance Calendar

Performance Planet: Web Performance Calendar -- 2021

Lean UXmas

Lean UXmas: Lean UXmas 2021

Advent of Code

Advent of Code: Day 17 - Advent of Code 2021

Advent of Code Solutions by Abigail

Advent of Code: appears to be unavailable on 2021-12-17. Please try again later.

Advent of Code by DOmm

Advent of Code: domm / Tags / AdventOfCode

Wordpress Snippets

Wordpress Snippets til Christmas: WP snippets til Christmas - WordPress advent calendar just for fun!

Plus Magazine (Math)

Plus Magazine Advent: The Plus advent calendar 2021 - plus.maths.org

Dictionary of Old English Advent Calendar

The Dictionary of Old English: Advent Calendar - The Dictionary of Old English

Serebii.net Pokemon Advent Calendar

Serebii.net Pokemon Advent Calendar: appears to be unavailable on 2021-12-17. Please try again later.

Max Planck Institute Advent Calendar

Max Planck Institute Advent Calendar: Advent Calendar - Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

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